Pokemon Sun And Moon Tip: Online Team Planner Will Help You Build The Very Best Pokemon Team

This it, Pokemon fans, just a week away and we can finally get to play the much awaited Nintendo 3DS games, Pokemon Sun and Moon. From the Pokemon stats leaks of the starters and even the Legendaries, and to the recent details unveiled about the not-so-mysterious anymore Ultra Beasts, Game Freak and The Pokemon Company, and of course, the leakers, surely know how to keep the hype strong. So, the ultimate question for now is - have you decided which Pokemon you are choosing for your team?

To backtrack, there were just 151 Pokemon when the game first started so it was a bit easier to create the perfect team. And now with Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are at least 800 Pokemon. You have to admit, choosing the best among all the equally cool, cute, and awesome Pokemon is going to be a difficult one (imagine Psyduck here struggling with his headaches).

Pokemon Sun and Moon Team

A dilemma that all Pokemon Sun and Moon players are soon going to have - out of the hundreds of incredible Pokemon to choose from, yet only six spots for your team, which Pokemon is going to make the cut? Thankfully, the genius of a Redditor can somehow solve this pressing problem.

Pokemon Team Planner

Thanks to Richi3f who built an unofficial but truly helpful Pokemon Team Planner for your Pokemon Sun and Moon needs. This tool aids you in keeping track which Pokemon are available and will further help you in strategizing. Based from the datamined info, the Pokemon Sun and Moon Team planner will feature every Pokemon in the game and all you have to do is click on the Pokemon icon you choose and it will be added to the team roster on top.

Those who use this Pokemon Sun and Moon team planner can filter Pokemon according to types, specific region, and even choose the generation. Not only that, this team planner tool will also give you the stat analysis of what your team is good and bad at. With the six Pokemon you have chosen, it will give you suggestions which Pokemon types your team will lose against and which types your team can defeat.

Pokemon Sun and Moon are set for release on Nov. 18 for the Nintendo 3DS. Only a week away!

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