PS4 Pro Review: The Most Complicated Console Yet? RAM Increase For Enhanced Graphics Requirement SUBSTANTIAL

By Lizzie Mefford , Nov 14, 2016 04:10 AM EST

PS4 Pro comes packed with 1TB hard drive and the benefits of 4K HDR gaming. However, it is said to be quite tricky as both the console and the PS4-Pro ready games reportedly do not match each other by default. On the other hand, the added memory in the hard drive is said to be sufficient for the improvements the console has to offer.

PS4 Pro users have reportedly noted that while it is the easiest solution to experiencing PC-like graphics, it is also said to be more complicated than its predecessors. First of all, the HDR setting may not be turned on by default on both the Pro and on 4K TVs. This may be fixed in the Settings>Sound and Screen>Turn on HDR or select Auto. Note than some TV models may have renamed HDR with "HDMI UHD Color" In the Display Settings of the TV. On the other hand, Vizio owners reportedly may do better by using the PS4 Pro in Safe Mode.

Meanwhile, the extra 1GB RAM on the PS4 Pro is said to be able to meet the increased graphics requirements of the upgraded hardware, Cyrtek Technical Director Rok Erjavec said. The system, he adds, gives us back an additional 0.5GB more than the PS4 to fill in for 4K and higher quality rendering features. This is said to be a 10 percent increase substantial to the base console.

PS4 Pro is also said to come with interesting enhancements that may be considered transparent efficiency improvements. This is said to include the ID buffer and hardware-multi-res which reportedly paves the way for new rendering pipeline workflows. Overall, 4K gaming is still said to be in the experimental stage with more possibilities than ever. Watch the PS4 Pro SETUP & REVIEW (4K HDR)

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