The Ozo Is Nokia's Virtual Reality Camera That Costs $60,000

A couple of months ago, Nokia reveals Ozo, a high-end virtual reality camera that is designed to make 3D films and games that can be watched and explored through virtual reality headsets. The Finnish company is reportedly betting big on virtual reality, and it's expecting that companies that want the tech will dish out about U.S. $60,000 to get a camera that is capable of capturing fully immersive viewpoints of the world.

Although it has been already a couple of months since Nokia first unveiled its spherical Ozo camera, it isn't until recently that it discloses how much it will be and when it's going to ship. According to reports, the Finnish company will release the Ozo camera by early 2016.

Nokia, putting the Ozo at a very steep price tag, would mean that its spherical camera isn't within the realm of hobbyist. However, with gigantic companies such as Facebook, Google, Sony and HTC that invested in virtual reality technology, they would more than likely need a special equipment that can create VR content in high quality in an effective manner. And apparently, it's a need that Ozo can easily fill.

Ozo is capable of recording stereoscopic 3D video and 360-degree audio through its eight synchronized shutters and onboard microphones. Furthermore, it can operate wirelessly as well as record video with all of the data being stored as a single file. It can even be used for live monitoring through "dynamic rendering," a feature that allows filmmakers to equip VR kits and view 360-degree videos captured by it.

However, it's important to note that Ozo isn't alone in the market. Google also has its Odyssey, a camera setup it created in partnership with GoPro that features 16 of the video company's action cameras. It also only costs a quarter of Ozo's full price, but it's still a huge investment for anyone to make.

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