'Vikings' Season 5 Spoilers: Did Lagerthas Survived The Paris Siege? Everything We Know So Far

Vikings Season 4 ended with a lot of cliffhanger but none bigger than the current situation of Lagertha. If you watched the previous season, her character was on a bubble but don't worry we have all the answers.

Lagertha Survived The Paris Siege

Vikings fans, you can all relax now as the lovely shield maiden was able to survive the Paris siege. Some fans were totally annoyed, frustrated and even enraged when they saw the clip that Lagertha was viciously stabbed on her chest during the battle on Paris. The scene was so moving that it affected some of the fans. There were reports that some of the fans threatened the producers and directors of the massive series.

Reason Behind Why Katheryn Winnick And Her Lagertha Character Lives

First of, we all know the reason why she should stay until the whole series ends. She is the ex wife of Ragnar and we all want to see them reunited. Since there were numerous death threats received by the producers, he opened up for an interview and here's what he has to say about Lagertha:

"No," Hirst said referring to the rumored death of Lagertha."There was a fan in New York who wrote to me years ago and she said, 'I don't' care how many of the male characters you kill off, but if you do anything to Lagertha, you're in trouble.' So I'm very careful about that warning," he added.

The producer of the show even told the notable site that Katheryn Winnick's character is more important than the other guys. He was emphasizing a vital role of Lagertha in season 5 and it is a must-watch as he described. Season 5 is rumored to be released on the first quarter of next year. The only thing that the avid fans have to do right now is wait for the Vikings to return.

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