The Vampire Diaries Update And Spoilers: Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Reunion Is Finally Confirmed


"Never say never'" that would be the best quote to perfectly describe on what just happened today in The Vampire Diaries saga. Apparently, the head producer of the show, Julie Plec, just confirmed a pivotal plot in the successful series.

Ian Somerhalder And Nina Dobrev Reunion

Ever since the season finale started, a lot of fans are wondering on whether or not Nina Dobrev will make her much anticipated return in The Vampire Diaries. Most fans were losing their cool and patience when some of the reports states that Nina has no plans in returning to the show. Those reports definitely hit the fans and one of the cause why their ratings dropped.

The Somerhalder and Dobrev reunion took a lot of twists and turns. There were various reasons why they weren't open about the possibility of having a reunion. Personal reason maybe is the biggest factor on why the two on-screen lovebirds have had a difficult time in ironing out their mess. But as reported by a respected website, those allegations are totally incorrect. They even mentioned that the two stars are already rekindling their closeness and will surprise The Vampire Diaries fans.

Elena, which is played by Nina Dobrev, made her last appearance on the show way back in 2015. The episode showed that Elena was forced to enter a deep sleep which until now opens the door for Dobrev to return. The producer of the show expressed her thoughts if Nina won't be able to make it on the series finale. She said that it will be emotionally disappointing and very saddening.

Julie Plec Just Confirmed Nina Dobrev's Return In The Vampire Diaries

The brilliant producer was on a hot seat when she was asked multiple questions by a celebrated website. However, Julie was ready and was able to answer all the questions that fans wants to hear. Here's what she has to say about Elena. "Her character was the centerpiece, the heart and soul of the series, for so long that it would feel incomplete," Plec continued. "That being said, I could do it that way, I just would prefer not to. I do have an ending without Elena - but I hope I don't have to use".

"I want to try and revisit a lot of our dearly departed loved ones... and those that are still living... before the show ends," she revealed. "Obviously everything should be grounded in some sort of story, but I do think you get a little bit of freedom, audience permission, to play a little bit in nostalgia land when you're bringing a series to a close."
"I had a conversation with the head of the network and head of the studio, where I said creatively I felt like it was time to call it done," she said. "So that was the official conversation. Of course, I had talked about it with the actors over the last year."

Hopefully this news will echo to all of The Vampire Diaries fans who quit watching when they thought that Elena will not comeback. Her cameo appearance will not only answer any questions but will surely spearhead the ratings of the show.

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