Pokemon GO Updates: More Berries Coming? Baby Pokemon, God Tier In December Comes With PvP Battle Support & Trading

Pokemon GO is believed to be getting more berries in upcoming updates. Berries are said to be useful to players, each with different functions. Moreover, the upcoming December Update is said to roll out with PvP battles and Pokemon Trading.

The regular berries in Pokemon GO are said to keep the Pokemon from fleeing. However, the creatures may need to be fed a lot or else they still run away. Moreover, a number of berries have been discontinued in the latest games of the franchise.

Apparently, the developers have put an end to older berries used in previous Pokemon GO games. For instance, the oran berries may no longer be seen in the newer games of the franchise. Oran berries are said to be a useful backup when battling a gym and as an auto recovery as well.

Additionally, the extra berries are believed to be of assistance to Pokemon GO players as extra assets inside their bags. While potions are said to be useful and necessary as well, berries are too. An Oran berry or other older type of berry is said to come with a battle feature that could heal a Pokemon creature. This is expected to be useful when health is going down.

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO is slated to get another update before the year ends. Niantic recently revealed that a December Update would reveal 100 brand new Pokemon in the wild. The Gen-2 Pokemon are said to be coming along with other exciting features like the baby Pokemon.

Pokemon GO is also said to be expecting a PvP battle system in December. Furthermore, Pokemon trading is also said to be coming along with the same update. Niantic is also believed to reveal a Legendary Pokemon tier with the update. The God tier Pokemon Tyranitar with a maximum combat power of 3654 is said to be extremely powerful. Watch New Evolutions and Pokemon GO Update Trading here:

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