Pokemon GO Update: FastPokeMap Finally Up, Running Again; 7 Pokemon Appear More Frequently On Oct 26-Nov. 1

Pokemon GO mapping device, FastPokeMap is up and running again in-game. It is expected that Niantic will no longer halt the third party map from having access to the game without a replacement. Moreover, there will be new Pokemon creatures slated to appear in the in-game event including Hypno and Drowzee, among others.

The FastPokeMap made its comeback just days after the new update rolled out on the Pokemon GO Plus that added new notification features. FastPokeMap is a widely popular mapping device that allow Pokemon GO players to find rare Pokemon nearby by clicking on the map. On that note, the monsters may be found by clicking on the map and allowing for a complete scanning. Furthermore, clicking around the map will enable one to discover new monsters that other trainers may not have discovered yet.

Moreover, unlike the "nearby tracker" that was geo-locked in San Francisco, the FastPokeMap is said to be effective to use within one's area where it is most likely to discover undiscovered Pokemon creatures. It should be noted that trainers have reported more Pokemon creatures in busy areas such as Central Park.

Niantic also prepare something for the Halloween for Pokemon GO with additional rewards and extra Pokemon. The creatures that will appear more frequently in-game include Zubat, Gastly, Golbat, Haunter, Gengar, Hypno and Drowzee. Additionally from Oct. 26 to Nov. 1, players will also receive twice the amount of Candies.

Meanwhile dataminers allegedly datamined the hex code of the 0.43.3 version on the global-metadata.dat dump. On that note, dataminers reportedly unveiled a new Pokemon GO Daily Quests feature. Apparently, there will be three types of Daily Quests coming along with the "First PokeStop of the Day" and the "First Catch of the Day" features.

The Pokemon GO feature is said to be enabled at any point since it is already in the metadata. In terms of rewards, the code reportedly made mention of incubators. Data miners are still unravelling more from the code with more news slated to come in soon. Watch Fast Poke Map is Back Online! Fastpokemap Pokémon GO Tracker Is Working Again!

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