Next Playable Overwatch Hero Doomfist: Who Is He?

A new character -- Sombra -- has just been released to Overwatch. While this should be enough to bring new excitement, fans can't simply stop speculating the existence of another hero. Well, the more, the merrier, right? Anyway, to get the engine revving, it's time to put Doomfist in the spotlight. So, who is he and what exactly can he offer to the table? Read on!

According to Mic, Doomfist might just be the kind of character who has a good amount of information in Overwatch, though still unplayable. Remember the cinematic trailer where Tracer and Winston are up against Reaper and Widowmaker? That's the first footage the aforesaid hero was mentioned. The said heroes are basically fighting over a gauntlet (owned by Doomfist) seemingly floating inside a glass case.

To cut the long story short, the boy who spotted the gauntlet in the Overwatch trailer used it against Widowmaker. And viola, the deadly one-shot killer made a realization that it's better to get back and regroup. Again, as mentioned above, Doomfist remains to be a non-playable character. However, the amount of information he has in the game is just quite interesting.

When players spawn in the Overwatch building called Numbani Heritage Museum, they'll see a couple of banners on the wall. All of these actually exhibit a story based on Doomfist. It's like the story is being passed on from one person to another basing on whoever wields the gauntlet. The first one is The Savior followed by The Scourge. The last one on the list is The Successor.

Among these three banners in Overwatch, the The Successor is the most unique one. It's featured in shadow, with no face that could tell who he is. This could be an Easter egg leading to his rumored arrival to the game. Heck, even the gauntlet (in a payload) that players have to escort in the Numbani map could also be a clue.

As of this writing, Blizzard has remained mum about the said Overwatch hero. And they're likely to do so in the new few weeks or months, considering that a new character has been revealed. Nonetheless, it's still very likely for the devs to unleash a new one in the future, and this might just be Doomfist.

What are your thoughts about Doomfist being an Overwatch character? What expectations do you have for this hero? Any ideas about his skills and/or capabilities? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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