Ed Sheeran Creating New Album? British Singer Stays The Same Amidst His Popularity

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran Jumpers For Goalposts Live At Wembley Stadium
Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran Jumpers For Goalposts Live At Wembley Stadium Photo : Sheerios Zone! / YouTube

Ed Sheeran might be the most humble singer we have right now and he's not doing it for publicity. The British singer songwriter wants to maintain his low key life and he's actually good at doing it.

Ed Sheeran's Success

Sheeran's success didn't come in an instant. If you are one of his fans, for sure you were able to follow his journey to stardom. He started by playing in the streets getting some change from bystanders. According to him, he's been doing it since he started playing the guitar. All he wanted was his talent to be recognized. Day-in and day-out he performed on the streets until one day he decided to go to Los Angeles. He know nothing about America and all he has is his talent and guitar. He performed in The Foxxhole where he was spotted by Jamie Foxx who offered him a contract.

His Best Album So Far: X

His breakthrough album titled X (pronounced as multiply) destroyed some of the records and was nominated in various awards.Ed Sheeran's single "Thinking Out Loud" and "Photograph" single handedly raised the bar when it comes to songwriting and creating songs in general. "Thinking Out Loud" earned him two Grammy awards namely, Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance.He has the second highest best selling album worldwide in 2015, behind Adele. He didn't stop there as he created more music and soundtrack for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug titled "I see fire. He became the first male solo artist to headline Wembley Stadium, which holds a staggering capacity of 90,000. Ed is still tight-lipped about his new album and songs.

Jakobek, JA Digital Has High Regards Towards Ed Sheeran

During an exclusive interview with a credible site, Jakobek shared his thoughts about Ed Sheeran. "We like to work with people who have a particular story to tell. The fact that Ed Sheeran was playing Wembley Stadium as a solo artist for three nights when people perhaps thought it wasn't possible, there's a real story to tell there."

"His whole story of how he started as a recording artist is pretty interesting and how hard he worked - that felt like a special story to tell because this is someone who really put the hours in, worked hard and never gave up." "He's such a warm character, he really is what you see. If nothing else, he's really as warm and engaging as you think he's going to be. There's no disappointment there at all so it's really nice to make a film with someone who is like that."

"It didn't start off as that, it was at the very beginning of the [25 album] campaign and they just wanted to have some footage of live tracks. We did a similar thing with Mumford & Sons as well, they used the live footage for The Wolf and it became that video as well," Jakobek explaining how they shot the video. Jakobek also shared his thoughts about new artist. "Any kind of artist - it doesn't just have to be musicians either it can be any kind of story. We like to work with the big, iconic artists and the emerging artists as well. We're just searching for stories really that have the most to tell."

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