Pokemon GO Ditto Update: The Real Reason Why Ditto Is Not In The Game

Pokemon GO players have been scouring everywhere to find Ditto. Unfortunately, there is a reason why this particular Pokemon is hard to find.

Pokemon GO Ditto - What Is It?

Ditto is an anomaly compared to other Pokemon. It's basically a shape shifter and adopts the same attributes, skills and even moveset of its Pokemon opponent, according to Bulbapedia. Ditto is not included among the Legendary or Mythical Pokemon but it is more likely that we will see the latter first before Ditto. Pokemon GO developer Niantic declared that Ditto will be included in the game only during special events. But such appearance will depend on one important variable.

Niantic Faced Challenges If Ditto Included In Pokemon GO

Ditto could be captured or hatched just like any Pokemon. The real challenge for the developer is how to program Ditto when it's battling other Pokemon. Somehow Ditto should be shown assuming the form and attribute of its opponent. It can be assumed that Niantic programmers are stumped on how to do this.

Pokemon GO Players Attempt To Have Ditto

Ditto is actually a normal Pokemon that manages to mimic other Pokemon, according to the Pokemon GO database. It's not the strongest or the toughest. It is however, quite unique and will complete the Pokedex of avid Pokemon GO players. As a result, a lot of them resort to various to have a Ditto in the game.

One of the most common practices is naming one of their Pokemon - Ditto. They then adjust the height and weight similar to Ditto. Some have theorized that Ditto may be impersonating a Pikachu. The only way to make it appear is by renaming their Pikachu. Others are speculating that some of the Pokemon they can encounter may be a Ditto in disguise. However, the Pokemon GO player must attempt to force the Ditto to drop its disguise before it can be captured as a Ditto. However, these are mere speculations and have yet to produce a Ditto as proof.

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