Top 4 Overwatch Heroes That Can Turn The Tide In Matches

By Alvin Elfwine , Nov 22, 2016 04:50 AM EST
Game Awards 2016 is finally done with Overwatch declared as the Game of the Year. (Photo : PlayOverwatch/YouTube)

I'm a die-hard fan of Overwatch. Since I started playing it early this year, I can't simply stop but spend a good amount of time enjoying it. Heck, I even veered away from DotA 2, as I find myself attached to playing Blizzard's newest title. Now, in every game, you -- like me -- always have your go-to guys. You know, the one that you frequently use. Think of it as characters that you main. In OW, the same story can be applied. While the heroes are totally different from each other, there are simply those who rank high in the list. Well, today, let's talk about the characters who can easily turn the tide in the game's matches.

Widowmaker In Overwatch

The thing I love the most about Widownmaker is her being a situational hero. She can be a good choice for defending a point, but she can also be as useful when on the attack side. This lady sure has something good to offer. Of course, not all console players will agree, as she's a difficult one to handle in terms of aiming. However, in PC, I can say she's not a piece of work really. Nonetheless, not all players are gifted with sharpshooting talent. If at the hands of wrong person, this hero wouldn't make an impact. But, if she's being played by a professional or perhaps a talented dude, this character can be really insane. You can watch her take a whole team just by herself.

Lucio In Overwatch

Like Widowmaker, Lucio needs to be played by Overwatch players who knows exactly what to do and not. I see plenty of Lucio wannabes who often forget to use and alternate his two songs (healing and speed boost). And as a result, him and the rest of the team get entirely wiped out. Aside from Zenyatta, I pretty much prefer this hero in the support department. Sure, Mercy and Ana can prove to be useful; however, they can't really do that much in term of giving overall team damage. If you're in a map like Lijang Tower, you can easily knockback enemies and throw them out. Furthermore, his Ultimate is really useful especially when your team is trying to hold a point.

Torbjorn In Overwatch

I don't personally like Torbjorn. But don't get me wrong -- he's a nice hero to have in the team. Maybe I'm just not the kind of guy who'll sit at the side and let the turret do the job. I prefer going inside the battle. Anyway, this Overwatch hero is really a menace especially when defending a point. However, in order for him to be that useful, one must know where to plant his turrets effectively. And oh, don't forget the scraps that give his teammates additional armor. As long as he's used properly and correctly, getting the W isn't a hard thing to catch.

Roadhog In Overwatch

Honestly, I was thinking of putting Genji here (but I think that's going to be in a different article). Roadhog is among those heroes that you can't simply undermine. He even has one of the best combos in the game -- the hook and fire combo. He can snack the likes of Sombra, Zenyatta and Soldier: 76, among others. This can only be possible, though, if the hook lands on the enemy. Hence I suggest that you take more time to master it.

What are your thoughts on this Overwatch list? Do you agree with the heroes listed above? Any other characters you can suggest? Be sure to let us know at the comment section below!

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