Overwatch Guide: The Best Heroes For Arcade 3v3

Blizzard has introduced a couple of new features as well as a new hero to Overwatch. Along the arrival of Sombra, Arcade modes have also arrived. Among these, the most popular one is the 3vs3 matches. As easy as it may sound or look, it still needs a good amount of effort from players. Heck, they even have to have an effective strategy in order to get the W. Anyway, here are the best heroes to use for the aforesaid mode.

In Overwatch 3vs3, players will be playing in the brand new map called Ecopoint: Antarctica. In every match, the best of five process is adapted. It really plays different when compared to other modes in the game. One notable thing is the fact that once the characters of players' die, they have to wait after the match ends. Of course, unless if there's Mercy out there who can use her resurrection.

Simply put, a good set of Overwatch heroes is needed here. That way, you can ensure that your team will make it to the end. And with that being said, it's important for players to work hand in hand with their teammates. Otherwise, it's unlikely for them to win even a single match. Below are the heroes you'd want to pick for this mode.

Roadhog In Overwatch

Aside from being a tanky Overwatch hero, Roadhog can offer great team damage. His hook and right-click combo are enough to wipe an enemy out of the map. Add to that the fact that this hero has good survivability. He's definitely a must-have. But of course, you need someone who knows how to use him exactly. You need to consider a player that has high hook accuracy. Or, if he's someone you can use, then go for it.

Sombra In Overwatch

You might have seen a good number of Overwatch videos showing how Sombra sucked at Quick Plays or Competitive Matches. However, in 3vs3, she proves to be lethal. With her ability to disappear and reappear, she can simply sneak in a kill to get the victory. She can even hack into an enemy, disallowing him to use her skills and/or abilities. Her Ultimate EMP, in particular, can be used to disable all opponents and shift the tide of winning into your team. This hero here is also among the best counters for Roadhog. You know exactly why, right?

Soldier: 76 In Overwatch

He might be among the oldest man in Overwatch (because his grey hair says so?), but he certainly has lots of tricks to offer. His attacks can be of real damage, giving the opposing team a hard one to chew. His Biotic field, too, can give you healing, something that you team can also benefit. And once his Ultimate is up, you can focus fire and spam shots to kill the enemies. He also has an escape tool thanks to his ability to run fast.

Ana In Overwatch

If you want someone who can bail you out during danger times in Overwatch, Ana is the lady you need to have. Her sleep dart gun can put a hero into deep lumber, giving her teammates enough time to kill the enemy. Or perhaps, give them a window for escape. She also has the ability to heal her teammates, making her a suitable addition.

What are your thoughts on this Overwatch guide? Any other heroes you can add to the list of 3v3s game? Tell us about it at the comment section below!

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