5 Things That Make Pokemon Sun And Moon The Best Pokemon Games So Far

5 Things That Make Pokemon Sun And Moon The Best Pokemon Games So Far
Pokemon Sun and Moon are two newest Pokemon games developed by Nintendo. Photo : shofu/YouTube

If there's a Pokemon game(s) where you want to be the very best while being in a paradise island, it's no other than Nintendo's Pokemon Sun and Moon. So far, I can honestly say that these are the most interesting games in the series. Heck, comparing them to Pokemon GO is even a sin. And yes, there's every reason to such claim.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Offer The Right Adventure

There have been countless Pokemon games released since time immemorial. However, nothing have really come close to Sun and Moon. That's because the pair offer just the right mix of adventure. You get to enjoy the story line while being able to catch the creature you've always desired. Sure, Pokemon GO has its own pros; however, in terms of having a compelling, well-structured story, it fails to do so.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Allow Players To Strategize

Being able to strategize help players stick their focus on the very core of the game. This is where Pokemon Sun and Moon highly leverages from any other. You become a competitive player -- a competitive Pokemon trainer, in particular. As you spend hours hatching eggs, you also begin planning ways to come up with a strategy that you can test and/or use in battles.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Offer A Whole New World

The fact that these games take place in the Polynesian-like region in Alola is already a huge factor. Because really, this place is far different from the usual or common places that other Pokemon games introduced. You, as a player, will begin to feel the thrill of being an adventurer -- a complete stranger to a mystical realm. As you visit the four large islands of Alola, you'll be in awe in all the cities and wilds, among others, it offers.

For players who have yet to play any other Pokemon titles -- except maybe for Pokemon GO -- Pokemon Sun and Moon is going to be game changer. Add to that the fact that you can conduct trades and/or battles, two features that Niantic's title fail to give. More importantly, these brand new games from Nintendo isn't that too complex to understand. After a few ups and downs, you finally get to have a good grip of the game's overall mechanics.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Poke-Moves

Sure, the aesthetics of Poke-moves in Pokemon Sun and Moon might not be that perfect or excellent. However, these don't necessarily lack in terms of imagination. Whenever Pokemon fight, there's this thing called "call for help," which allows you to summon an ally. The interesting part here, is that it's well-kept. Why? That's because when you do such, you're not able to throw a Pokeball. Nintendo definitely knows which part of the game should be balanced. While it's true that other Pokemon games are also balanced in a way, nothing this specific is achieved.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Don't Leave You Unanswered

This is probably the nicest thing about the games. It's no secret that whenever you're in a new place or universe, you tend to have questions. And of course, you want answers to them. Fortunately for the two games, you won't be left hanging. As players wonder and marvel at the things they get to see, the games offer them information that'll help them understand and appreciate. In fact, even the thought of people in Alola eating Pokemon is addressed (because yes, they eat them).

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? Are you playing either of these two? If so, what do you like about it? Let us know what you think at the comment section below!

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