Top 5 Pokemon Sun And Moon Fun Facts That You Need To Know

Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Potential Game-Breaking Bug That Might Wipe All The Player's Saved Data
Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Potential Game-Breaking Bug That Might Wipe All The Player's Saved Data Photo : Edwguard Flows/YouTube

Pokemon Sun and Moon are starting to overgrow Pokemon GO, as more players are reportedly enjoying Nintendo's titles compared to Niantic's. The newest games bring players to the lively island called Alola, a place packed with beach and, of course, Pokemon. If you're new to these installments, then you certainly need to read this article. Below are 5 things that'll interest you the most about Sun and Moon.

A Lady With A Slowpoke In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Sure, Slowpoke is an amiable Pokemon -- and it's still the same even in Pokemon Sun and Moon. However, if this creature starts chasing you -- like a stalker -- then it's a different story. And this is exactly what this lady in the game feels. She says something like, "Leave me alone already, would you, Slowpoke?" I wonder what this creature is up to anyway.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Just Have The Nicest Soundtrack

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you'll feel like you're in Hawaii or something. And while you're at it, you'd love to listen to a lovely music coupled with a wine or margarita. Well, let's exclude the drinks and focus on the tune. Remember just how good the soundtracks of previous Pokemon games? Well, the newest ones aren't an exception. Heck, this might even be the best soundtrack out there. Here, check it out.

Donald Trump In Pokemon Sun And Moon?

If you see Yungoos in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you'll be thinking if it's Donald Trump -- the United States' newly elected President. Because really, they have similarities. The color of hair (which is blonde), in particular, is a noticeable one. Well, unfortunately, it's not really. Nintendo stated that, in one way or another, they didn't mean for such likeness to happen. Sorry to burst your bubble, boy.

Dialogue Options In Pokemon Sun And Moon Are Kind Of Weird

When I say weird, it's really weird. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you'll see a number of dialogue options that are somewhat weird. Or perhaps, if you imagine doing them in real life, they're really out of this world thing. Take for example the option to "Listen to their whispers." At first glance, it might not strike a blow. However, in second thought, it actually does. Because really, listening to whispers is a creepy thing to do. I don't know about you, but it really is for me.

There's Anger Management In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Sometimes, playing games like Pokemon Sun and Moon can be a bit frustrating. That, in one way or another, you can't help but shout or mock because something disappointing just happened. Either that, it's good to know that Nintendo's titles have a medicine for that -- Tony the Tiger, that is. Imagine him as a tiger who has a flaming belt of sort around his waist, making him look like a wrestler or something. Add to that the fact that he's big. Now, if you can't paint a smile looking at him, then you have some serious issues to fix.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? Are you playing one of these game already? How was it so far? Tell us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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