This Pokemon Sun And Moon Evolution Will Ruin Your Day

This Pokemon Sun And Moon Evolution Will Ruin Your Day
Salandit's evolution Salazzle in Pokemon Sun and Moon is a piece of work for most players. Photo : Trickywi/YouTube

Unlike Pokemon GO, evolution process in Pokemon Sun and Moon isn't that hard. But of course, it still requires a good amount of requirements. Unfortunately though, there's one specific specie that can ruin a player's day. It's no other than Salandit, the poison and fire type creature. Why? Read on!

According to Polygon, the female types Salandit has a very uncommon way of evolving unlike their male counterparts. When successful, it turns into Salazzle -- something that can be done at level 33. While this can be a great thing to have, the process players need to undergo is a bit frustrating. This Pokemon seems to inject the idea that women are really a piece of work (a touch of entertainment there, okay?).

It's worth noting that in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the aforementioned monster has a certain gender ratio. The latter, though, leans more towards the male. Why? That's because out of all, there are only 12.5 percent female. Hence, based on the percentage, the evolution is a hard one to chew.

This alone resulted to Salazzle being a topic of the community. And yes, in one way or another, it earned the ire of many players. It's like they have love/hate relationship. But hey, acquiring it is still an achievement. There are players, though, who found it easy to own the Pokemon.

There are Pokemon Sun and Moon players who, despite the specie being rare or elusive, were able to capture it. Royal Prism in Twitter mentioned about the creature being the first one he's encountered in the wild. Robert, on the other hand, also tweeted his experience in capturing the monster on Wela Volcano Park.

Of course, it's not always moonlight and roses for other players. There are those who're having a hard time finding Salandit. Some say that it's unlikely for them to encounter one. Or perhaps, if it's going to happen, it'll take them forever. Any trainer can really think of this Pokemon as a once in a blue moon type of thing. It makes sense anyway.

The said Pokemon Sun and Moon creature is among the newest one to arrive to the games. It's deemed as two-foot-long specie, which has the capability of giving out both poison and fire attacks. This specie sits, like what a lizard does, using its hind legs. But still, it's a unique posture for a monster that's categorized as a reptilian.

In the newly released Pokemon games from Nintendo, the specie is capable of poisoning all types of creatures. The only catch, though, is it has a very relative weakness. Nevertheless, through its Corrosion ability, it can inflict damage that takes over time. And if that's not enough, it'll tend to spit fire. This is definitely a buddy worth having for in every journey.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? Are you also experiencing the same thing in the game, too? Have you caught one already? Share to us your thoughts at the comment section below!

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