Pokemon Go Tips: Finding Ultra Beast The Easy Way On Your Android Or iPhone

By Staff writer , Nov 24, 2016 05:41 AM EST

Once some bold and brave Pokémon adventurers have become the Alola Region Champion in Pokémon Sun and Moon, that doesn't mean players have anything left to do. If farming for some rare Pokémon or simply making friends isn't one's expertise, they can always opt to attempt to track down and capture the end game ultra beasts, which, as the name signifies, present an extreme challenge for even the best of Pokémon Sun and Moon trainers.

About Ultra Beasts

Gamers have witnessed their first Ultra Beast courtesy of the Aether Foundation, which causes the rock/poison type Nihilego to make a surprise appearance. Gamers won't be able to capture Nihilego here, and later in the game, the Pokémon makes another appearance shortly after Cosmog creates the Ultra Wormholes which leads into more Ultra Beasts. Though they're all powerful Pokémon that Pokedex isn't going to fill itself, though players will have to do a little bit more effort on preparation before they can go around collecting all the Alola Region's Ultra Beasts.

Preparation for capturing Ultra Beasts

Once a player becomes a bona-fide Alola Region champion, they will officially be rewarded with an enigmatic card from a man outside their house in the game, which will ask that they will be visiting the Hotel on Route 8. Though such a request will probably lead somewhere different in real life, in the game it will lead players to Looker and Anabel. They will then challenge the trainer to battle, and upon winning, they will send the player on their way to Wicke of the Aether Foundation.

Final preparation stage

Wicke will be the last piece of preparation that players will have to make, as she will hand over the prototype Beast Balls which have a high chance of capturing Ultra Beasts, but a weak chance of capturing anything else.

Time to catch some Ultra beasts!

Once everything has transpired, players can finally track down every Ultra Beast, where afterward they can return to Anabel and Looker, who will congratulate them on a job well done. They will then suggest heading over to Wicke to inform him of the mission's completion.

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