Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Easter Eggs Discovered So Far

Pokemon Sun and Moon have been all over the news lately and it's only just a week old! Well, we can't deny the fact that Nintendo 3DS "most pre-ordered games as to date" are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to Game Freak and Nintendo for creating the best Pokemon games for everyone to indulge in and we have more to discover about these adorable Pokemon creatures.

For those long-time followers of Pokemon, you'd be elated to see several familiar faces in the recently released Nintendo RPG adventure games so without further ado, here are some of the best Pokemon Sun and Moon Easter eggs we have discovered so far:

Ash Ketchum and Greninja

Reports said that our favorite Pokemon trainer, Ash Ketchum, can be seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Only, they were Ash's footsteps and his most unique Pokemon. As seen in the game demo, a player gets a letter from Ash with a Pokeball and Greninja. And this is not just any Pokemon, it's Ash's Greninja in the anime series which will turn into Ash-Greninja. The trader ID is said to confirm this as it shows the Pokemon did really belong to Ash.

Jurassic Park reference in Pokemon Sun and Moon

If you haven't already reached Route 8, you will encounter an NPC that says, "There's this dude near here who says that he wants to make a whole theme park full of nothing but Pokémon restored from Fossils!" Well, that's make sense, right, as the first Jurassic Park movie was filmed in Hawaii.

Pokemon Trainers Red and Blue

The early Pokemon Sun and Moon trailer showed trainers Red and Blue from the Gen 1 Pokemon games. Red was seen in a shirt that says 96, the year Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green games were released.

Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pikachu's Pokedex entry said that electric-type Pokemon's popularity started 20 years ago, which fits the anniversary of the very first Pokemon game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Machamp

While playing Pokemon Sun and Moon, you'd encounter Machamp plotting the land between the Hau'oli Police Station and Malasada Restaurant. This easter egg was said to be a nod to the old man using Machop to plot the land in Pokemon games Red, Blue, Green, Yellow.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Freebies

No different from the previous Pokemon titles, Pokemon Sun and Moon are also said to hand out freebies to customers. You'll get a Lense Case from a girl character saying that she got it being the 99,999th customer of the store.

Have you seen the abovementioned Pokemon Sun and Moon Easter Eggs? Have you discovered others? How many Pokemon have you captured already? Do you think you are almost there in becoming the very best? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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