Pokemon Sun And Moon Shows Red And Blue All Grown Up

Pokemon Sun and Moon is just a few more weeks away and fans sure can't wait to wake up realizing it's already Nov.18. To keep Pokemon followers more excited, Pokemon Sun and Moon's latest trailer released Thursday showed the final evolutions of Starter Pokemon - Decidueye, Incineroar, Primarina. The juicy clip also includes the Guardians of the Alola Region and the beginning of the Alolan Pokemon League.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Alola region

Pokemon Sun and Moon latest trailer also revealed the Alola region gaining more popular characters from the Kanto region (from Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, and Pokemon Yellow). So expect to see Raichu, Marowak, and Meowth in Alola forms. And wait, there's more!

Pokemon Sun and Moon Red and Blue Trainers

Yes, not kidding! The original Pokemon trainers from the very first game are returning for Pokemon Sun and Moon. For Pokemon enthusiasts, this is a big deal since it has been almost 20 years since we first caught a glimpse of them. Do you still imagine them as the 10-year-old kids training Pokemon?

As we fondly remember, thanks to Kotaku, in Pokemon Red and Blue, Red is the silent protagonist while Blue continually thwarts him in every chance he gets. Blue may have made it to the Elite 4 even before Red, in the end, however, Red won. From a regular 10-year-old kid, Red becomes the best trainer in the region.

Red and Blue as Adults

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Red and Blue are all grown up! And they're thirty year olds! While Blue looks so chill with his sunglasses, everyone's now asking - why is Red looking all grumpy? Check the trailer below to see how they look like.

In the trailer, Pokemon Trainer Red leads with Pikachu while Pokemon Trainer Blue has Alakazam after battle. It also illustrates both trainers having six Pokemon in reserve, that could mean that the battles will be extremely hard.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Guardians of the Alola region

Additionally, Pokemon Sun and Moon guardians of the Alola region were unveiled: Tapu Balu (grass/fairy type), Tapu Lele (psychic/fairy type), and Tapu Fini (water/fairy type). Isn't this enough to get you a bit more excited with the upcoming RPG game?

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be released on Nov. 18 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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