Pokemon GO Update: 100 New Monsters Coming Next Month

Ditto is one of the most highly anticipated monsters in Pokemon GO. And finally, it has been released to the game. This creature is deemed as the last one to complete the circle of first generation Pokemon. But hey, there's more. Niantic is already set to release new creatures -- more than 100, so to speak -- to their popular app. This should happened sometime in December.

According to VentureBeat, the monsters will arrive via an update in December. Not only will it introduce 100 new creatures, more or less, Legendary Pokemon are also to be expected. It's worth noting that players have since been hoping for the studio to introduce a new set of species.

The upcoming Pokemon GO update is also bringing two rumored features -- PvP Battles and Trading. PvP Battles, as the name suggests, will allow players to fight other trainers. It's something that's totally different to how gym battles are done, though. Trading, on the other hand, will let players trade their stuff with others.

If these are to happen, it's safe to say that the hit augmented reality game will once again be an explosive thing in the gaming industry. Earlier this month, when Niantic introduced the Halloween event, lots of players have jumped on board. People are once again taking their efforts into the wild, looking and capturing Pokemon. Heck, the event even reportedly place the app back to being a mammoth in the sales chart.

It remains a mystery, however, if the next Pokemon GO update will finally be a release window for Mew and Mewtwo. It's worth noting that in the anime series, the latter is infamously known as the enemy or villain. It's also deemed as the strongest creature in the Pokemon universe.

In the overall history of mobile gaming, the popular mobile game is certainly the most successful one. So far, it has already generated more than 500 million downloads. This figure is synonymous to a whopping $600 million revenues. It was first launched in July.

What are your thoughts on the Pokemon GO December update? Are you excited for the arrival of new monsters? Do you think the Legendary Pokemon will be included? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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