What Ditto Tells Us About The Future Of Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go Update: Ditto Spawn Points; Where To Find One?
Pokemon Go Update: Ditto Spawn Points; Where To Find One? Photo : Pokémon Trash/YouTube

After a couple of hints and/or clues, Ditto has finally arrived to Pokemon GO. And most certainly, players can't help but share their moments with the elusive creature in various social media sites. From screenshots to advises, the monster's arrival has made the community whole again. Some trainers who decided to stop playing were lured back, taking their chances to capture the specie. Simply put, this Pokemon is a game changer and here's why.

According to Forbes, Ditto's arrival to Pokemon GO is synonymous to being a significant occasion that all players have been waiting for. Though it was a struggling experience, the wait was definitely worth it. It should be noted that this Pokemon is deemed as the last on the list of all ordinary (or non-legendary) original creatures.

It's also worth noting that the aforementioned monster is first one to be added since Niantic launched the hit augmented reality (AR) game. Obviously, it's a major milestone for the title. It also signals the studio's capability of introducing more in the future, though there's no certainty in terms of date or whatsoever.

Before Ditto came to Pokemon GO, the studio already made a couple of remarkable updates for the game. The Buddy System, in particular, gave players a new kind of thrill to experience. In one way or another, it brought a huge difference to the way the game is being played. Add to these amazing things are the regular tweaks the developers did to the title's mechanics and features.

But among these things, Ditto has a much larger role to fill -- that is to rebuild or change the old, known meta. With its arrival, the way gym battles (and even hunting) is done are changed. Players will have to revisit their strategies and perhaps go for a new one. Heck, it's even safe to say that they have yet to think of a plan to counter this Pokemon.

There's every reason to believe that this is what most Pokemon GO players want -- a new endgame content. The way the game worked in the past was highly commendable, and there's no doubt about it. However, as each day passes by, players become bored. That's because they want something new -- something that will give them new excitement. Because really, this is key.

Think of Ditto as a new DLC for other video games. In one way or another, players will grow tired of the same old mechanics. This is why developers tend to introduce new contents, so as to give the community something to talk and play about. And by doing so, hype and excitement are made.

I honestly believe, though, that Pokemon GO needs more than these. It's a great game. But if you want its popularity to withstand the test of times, you have to change it. Otherwise, there's no reason to play the game anymore. Remember, change is the only constant thing in life. This is what fuels you to be alive. Because if you do things the way they always do, life is simply meaningless. People want adventure. They always do.

In conclusion, introducing Ditto is among the best decisions Niantic did to Pokemon GO. People are once again talking about the game. People are once again celebrating it with their friends. And most importantly, people are once again on the journey to becoming the very best.

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