Know If Pokemon GO Features Nearby, Sightings Are Available To You

It's no secret that Ditto is an existing creature in Pokemon GO. Heck, most players have already caught it by now. However, one thing they've probably missed on their radar is the Nearby feature. Because really, it's being expanded to reach more players all over the world. But not just that, another one is also being tested, and it's called Sightings.

According to official website of the game, Niantic recently announced their plans of expanding a couple of features for the game. And surprisingly, one of these is called "Sightings." Note that this one here is completely different. It has its own use to the game. Anyway, the idea here is that both features share the same process of helping players capture and know the whereabouts of Pokemon.

The studio also points out that specific locations in the United States are, as of this writing, being tested for the Pokemon GO Nearby tracker. This includes the states located in the west of the Mississippi River. Outside of the US, players situated in the North West part of Canada can dabble the system. As for Australian trainers, anywhere they're located in the country is not an issue -- the feature is available across the nation.

It's worth noting that Niantic started testing the feature way back this year. However, it was only limited to a very small part of the market. As the day goes by, the studio has been increasing the number of places where fans can utilize the system. And this is exactly what the company is doing now.

In its most organic form, the Nearby feature will have a steady impact on PokeStops in Pokemon GO. It will also affect the way players are using the game, in various locations, so as to acquire multiple items. Unlike in the past, PokeStops will now appear on a player's location relatively. The same concept can be applied to the Sightings feature in which players can easily spot Pokemon that spawn nearby.

Sightings, in particular, is quite different. It's there to replace the old feature the studio used in the past. The developers, however, didn't opt to give out specifics. Nonetheless, players should be able to test it out as long as they're in the above mentioned areas.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon GO Nearby feature? How about the Sightings feature? Tell us what you think at the comment section below!

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