Pokemon Sun And Moon' Hacks Increases Your Chances Of Losing, But Why?

By Staff writer , Nov 26, 2016 03:28 AM EST

Reports have claimed that some players trying to save their games in Pokémon Sun and Moon are running into some serious problems. The game has a tendency to glitch and then ruin the supposed saved files. It also turns out that hacking is actually the prime culprit that can do that to your game.

Problems with Sun and Moon

Multiple reports have reported various Pokémon Sun and Moon players running into problems with their saved games. The characters somehow wouldn't show up or the game just wouldn't load, or the game would ultimately crash. Originally, some players were reporting that this was a natural issue with the recently released Nintendo 3DS title.

Investigations have been made

However, after a little bit of digging, a little bit of investigation, and an admission from the creator of a hacking tool, it has been revealed that Game Freak and the Pokémon Company had little or nothing to do with the saved game glitch. The issue was somehow caused by an outdated hacking tool that they've created.

About PKHex

The name of the hacking tool is called PKHex, and it enables players to change things in the game like battle rates, as well as player locations. The thing is, when players were utilizing the hacking tool to alter the location of their character and then attempting to save the game, it was resulting in a mismatch between the way the data was being read by Pokémon Sun and Moon, glitching the game out and causing crashes.

That explains it

The official developer of the hacking tool, Kurt, who goes by the handle of Kaphotics, explained in a series of tweets on Twitter that the tool was actually the one causing the problems and that the glitches were based on players using an outdated version of the said hacking tool. So that somehow explains it. Messing around with the trainer and your real location within Pokémon Sun and Moon is an easy way to break your game completely

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