Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide Tips: How To Collect Precious Items Left In Battle

By Nick Halden , Nov 28, 2016 04:40 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon players will battle many and various powerful Pokemon in the game. After battling a creature, it will sometimes drop a very important or valuable item which can be collected.

Flying Pokemon Item Drops

Pokemon Sun and Moon players who battle a Spearow, Rufflet or Vullaby in Route 3 can collect a Pretty Wing or Sharp Beak after the battle. Victory over a Braviary or Mandibuzz on Poni Islands can earn players a Muscle Wing or Genius Wing.

Defeating a Skarmory on Route 10 or 17 will reward players with either a Clever Wing or Resist Wing. In Route 17 on the Poni Islands, a defeated Fearow will yield a Health Wing or Swift Wing.

Sand Spots Pokemon Victory Spoils

Pokemon Sun and Moon players who battle various Pokemon on Hano Beach can get Star Dusts, Star Pieces or Comet Shard as trophies. Pokemon at Haina Desert will drop Black Glasses after being defeated.

Dust Spots Pokemon Battle Drop

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can collect Soft Sand as booty from defeated Pokemon in Diglett's Tunnel, the Poni Coast and Vast Poni Canyon as well as the Verdant Cavern.

Rocks While Riding Taurus Battle Trophies

Pokemon defeated in Route 1,2,3,6 and 17, Diglett's Tunnel, the Lush Jungle, the Poni Coast and Plains, the Resolution and Seaward Caves, the Ten Carat Hill and Vast Poni Canyons including the Verdant Cavern will yield a Star Dust, Star Piece or Comet Shard.

Other Places To Collect Battle Loot

Pokemon Sun and Moon players can go to the Shaking Grass in Poni Plains to fight and defeat Hariyama which will drop a Black Belt. Players riding Sharpedo on Water Rocks should go to Route 8 and 15, Melemele Island and Vast Poni Canyon. Any Pokemon they fight and defeat will yield various items such as Star Dust, Star Piece or Comet Shard. Catching a Wimpod on Route 8, Poni Breaker Coast or Wilds may yield a Nugget.

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