Pokemon Sun And Moon Happiness Guide Tips: How To Make Pokemon Happy And Determine If Its Working

By Nick Halden , Nov 26, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon players know that Happiness is the key in making their Pokemon to evolve. Here are some tips on how to make a Pokemon happy and a way to determine if it's working.

How to Make Pokemon Happy

Players who encounter a Pokemon in the wild are advised to use a luxury ball instead of a regular ball to increase the chances of raising its happiness level. Feeding and pampering a Pokemon will also make it very happy. Pokemon Sun and Moon players should also obtained a Soothe Bell as soon as possible. This item can help double the happiness points gained by a Pokemon.

Happiness Obtained From Food or Pampering

Not all Pokemon will gain the same level of happiness from the food and pampering given to it. Massaging a Pokemon will add 30 to its happiness level if said level is from 0 to 100. Only 10 points will be added if the level ranges from 101 to 200. A measly five points will be added if the Pokemon's happiness level is more than 200.

Avoid Things That Will Decrease Happiness Level

There are also certain things that will decrease your Pokemon happiness level. Letting it faint in battle will make it unhappy. Feeding it with Energy or Heal Powder will decrease its happiness level. Reviving Pokemon using a Revival herb can reduce its happiness level by 15 to 20 points.

How to Check Happiness Level

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, the happiness checker is located at Konikoni City. If the checker begins her statement by saying that the Pokemon is very happy to be with you, this means its happiness level is more 250 points. However, if the checker tells that you are "merciless trainer", then the happiness level of your Pokemon is virtually zero.

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