Final Fantasy XV: Craft Powerful Spells And Use Elemancy To Win The Game

By Godswarrior010 , Nov 30, 2016 08:29 AM EST

Final Fantasy XV is now available in PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Now that it's officially out, you might want to explore its features including some tips that will give you a good start in the game. It is important to remember that in order to conquer the world of Final Fantasy XV, one must be adept at using magic. Here is a quick guide to help you master elemancy and craft spells to take down powerful enemies.

How To Craft Spells In Final Fantasy XV

In order to craft spells, you need to go to the elemancy menu found in the bottom of your screen. Choose the elemental energy you opt to use. A gamer can add 1 to 99 units of an item to the brew.

The items used in spells are called "catalysts" and they provide extra effects. A spell that has been enhanced with a catalyst has been "transmuted" (you can select a catalyst with D-pad and X/A, then add or remove with L1/R1 or LB/RB).

Choose all the necessary ingredients you need and select "craft" to create the spell. You can either choose to directly equip the spell or keep it for storage. By default, three copies of your spell will be added to the menu. If you want to increase it, you can use catalysts or the Bonus spell line of abilities. If you want to delete it, just press the triangle button or Y.

A player can only use a spell in combat when equipped as a Primary Arm on Noctis or a Secondary Arm on his primary members. To cast, hold the attack button, aim with the L button and release. This triggers a cooldown visible on Noctis' Primary Arms display. Once the cooldown is over, you can again unleash a new spell.

How Magic Flasks Work In The Game

Without magic flasks, it is impossible for a player to create the spells. You can carry as many spell types depending on the flasks you have in hand. However, a player can also carry up to 99 copies of their favorite spell within one flask. Even with a few in hand, there will still be a reasonable amount of damage to release upon the enemies. Empty a magic flask with L3 or by pressing down the left of joystick.

How To Obtain Elements In Final Fantasy XV

There are two ways to obtain the elements. The first is through the deposits found around havens and inside dungeons, each of which usually holds 33 units. Increase this by learning the elementalism line of ascension abilities. The second is by draining the elemental energy through defeating the enemies in combat. You might need one of the rare weapons to do this, including your default engine blade. You can improve the chance of finding more creature providing energy by unlocking the elemagnetism ascension ability.

Catalysts Added Effects In Final Fantasy XV

Below is a list of the effects a catalyst can add to the spell. The more items you use as a catalyst, the higher the damage it will have on your enemies. The "Quintcast" casts a spell up to five times. The "Quadcast" casts a spell up to 4 times. Meanwhile, the "Tricast," three times and the "Dualcast" can cast a spell up to two times.

To inflict a poison status on a target, a "Venomcast" might come in handy. The "Cursecast" inflicts reduces the attack of the enemy. The "Stopcast" stops the attack status of the opponent. "Killcast" on the other hand, inflicts death on a target. The "Healcast" automatically heals the gamer. The "Freecast" allows a gamer to cast a spell without consuming its elemental energy cost. The "Expericast" adds more EXP bonus to the caster. If you want to inflict significant damage upon the enemy, the "Failcast" is the best solution. The "Powercast" adds increased intensity to your attacks. The "Blastcast" damages both the caster and the target. Lastly, the "Maxicast" summons the ultimate elemental spell. 

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