FFXV First Look, Tips, Spoilers: Attack Boosts, Powerful Spells, Regalia Control, Umbra

By Gen Que , Oct 01, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

As the release of Final Fantasy XV near, so is the excitement among fans. To further fuel that excitement, here are a few more inside look at what to expect including tips how to boost attacks, make powerful spells, and, of course, about Umbra and the Regalia.

Boosting attacks is very important because it assures swift victory over the enemy. Final Fantasy XV provides an easy method to do this all players have to do is head to the nearest diner and eat. Yes, players just need to eat but the kind of food they let their characters consume is very important. For example, if players want to give their party an extra 50 points on top of an attack boost, a serving of chili con carne will do the job. On the other hand, a bowl of jambalaya can give them will increase their attack and HP as well as provide them a health regeneration boost.

Players should take note, however, that each diner is unique and their menu is different from each other, which means they offer players different benefits. So if players want that chili con carne and jambalaya for attack and HP boosts, they can find that at a diner next to Cindy and Cid's mechanic shop in Hammerhead. In Galdin Key, there's a diner that serves oysters which give a different mix of boosters.

For powerful spells, the secret is also pretty simple: mix the right elements. For example, mixing an element, like Fire, and adding Potion will yield the Healcast. On the other hand, a Unicast is created when a piece of each element is mixed together while a Tricast is a combination of one element and two pieces of another element.

In Final Fantasy XV, Umbra, one of Luna's dogs, provides special deliveries for Noctis and his friends at Luna's behest; thus, players need to look out for this adorable black-colored pup to deliver something important.

Meanwhile, the Regalia can be maneuvered either manually or in auto. If Noctis is behind the wheel, the Regalia is set in manual mode but with Ignis, the player will drive in auto mode. The Regalia feature is like life-like driving because it does not allow the player to drive off-road or crash into another car. It auto-corrects itself when such mistakes are made. Moreover, Ignis will decline to handle the Regalia when daemons are around and only Noctis is allowed to drive during nighttime.

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