'Westworld' Episode 9 Plot Twists Bring New Questions; Finale To Run For 90 Minutes

With just one episode left before the first season comes to an end, fans of the “Westworld” series are met with more and new questions as the latest episode aired and showed unexpected plot twists. The season delves further into the mystery and fans are getting frustrated with all the secrets.

“Westworld” Episode 9 titled “The Well-Tempered Clavier” was broadcasted on Nov. 27. Maeve reveals her identity and asks Hector to help her escape the theme park. The episode features a series of flashbacks concerning key characters and showing a lot of things fans were not expecting.

Now with the events that unfolded in the latest episode, fans are wondering when and what exactly is the real timeline. The show has established that “Westworld” is a futuristic park that takes people to live out their fantasy and that there is indeed a gap in timelines. But it is not sure which one is the present timeline with memories of certain characters being revealed.

Fans are also now quite intrigued with Delos’s role in the whole story. Delos is the organization behind the establishment of “Westworld” and Theresa Cullen heads the operation by keeping the park from skimming into unscripted disorder. With Ford going on a rampage to find the truth and Dolores probably revealing that William might just be The Man In Black, the story is completely in disarray.

Several questions raised by fans will be answered in the final episode, which has been titled “The Bicameral Mind”. Jonathan Nolan, one of the creators of the science fiction series, said that they will not be building mysteries unless there were actually reasons for them. It has been announced that the last episode will be 90 minutes long to cater a satisfying season ender that will blow fans' minds and will end up with them asking what happens next.

“Westworld” Episode 10, which is the season finale, will be broadcasted on Dec. 4 at 9 pm (ET). The show has confirmed that it has been renewed for a second episode that will also consist of 10 episodes. HBO has yet to announce the date of release for “Westworld” Season 2.

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