‘Westworld’ Season 1: Finale Will Blow Your Mind; Series Is The New ‘Game Of Thrones’?

The American television series “Westworld” is off to a great start as one of its stars warned viewers that the season finale will blow the minds of fans, while some have commented that the said series is the new “Game of Thrones".

“Westworld” has just debuted on HBO with its first episode airing last Oct. 2 and the series have been positively received that its premiere garnered 1.96 million viewers. The “Westworld” series is new and has already won an award for “Most Exciting New Series” at the 6th Critics Television Awards and has been nominated for three more awards at the California On Location Awards. According to TV Guide, “Westworld” ranks fifth among the top ten picks for the most anticipated new television shows of the 2016-2017 season.

Created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, “Westworld” is a science fiction thriller that revolves around an extraordinary amusement park called Westworld. The park is set in a futuristic concept, which is looked after by robot hosts and allows its visitors to live out their wildest fantasies and indulge in them through a carefully engineered artificial consciousness. The series stars Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, and many others.

With its anticipated storyline, the star of the series, Evan Rachel Wood has disclosed that fans are in for a big surprise as the season finale will be mind-blowing and will definitely melt the hearts of viewers. Wood plays the character of Dolores Abernathy, who is the oldest host in the Westworld park.

“Westworld” Season 1 Episode 5, titled “Contrapasso” will air on Oct. 30 and Wood teasing about the season finale raises the hype for the series. “We’ve established that the farther out you go, the more intense the game gets, and man, were they not kidding because when we started getting the scripts after episodes it was like ‘Whoa! OK!’” Wood explained to Huffington Post. She also further stated regarding the upcoming episodes that, “We’ve set everything up really beautifully and the payoffs are going to start hitting you one by one.”

With the promising potential viewers are seeing with “Westworld”, it has been recently compared to “Game of Thrones” even calling it the latter’s alternative because of the hype. But critics have said it was too early to compare “Westworld” to “Game of Thrones” especially when the latter has already established a stable reputation with its enticing plot that has claimed millions of viewers worldwide. “Westworld” currently airs every Sunday on HBO.

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