Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide, Tips, Tricks: 3 Main Goals To Achieve Post Main Campaign

By Lizzie Mefford , Dec 02, 2016 04:00 AM EST

Pokemon Sun and Moon post main campaign have three main goals that players must achieve. Given all the hundreds of Pokemon to catch, these post game goals are expected to keep the Pokemon Sun and Moon experience continue to be more exciting for the loyal fans.

How To Catch all the Ultra Beasts

This mission begins after the Pokemon Sun and Moon storyline concludes. As soon as the player has defeated the Elite Four and head for home, a new task will be given, which is to go to the previously emptied motel on Route 8 for the new mission. Two researching detectives in Pokemon Sun and Moon, namely Looker and Anabel will entrust the new Pokemon League Champion of Alola to catch the Ultra Beasts in the islands.

How To Catch Necrozma

When the last Ultra Beast has been captured in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Looker is expected to freak out over a likely sixth monster, but will later find out to be a regular Pokemon. Given such, there are speculations that Necrozma is more than just a regular Pokemon, considering that it is reported to be found in level 75, and there is only one of its kind in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

To find Necrozma in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the player must go back to Ten Carat Hill after the Ultra Beast mission. Based on reports, the psychic-type Pokemon will appear once the player walks into the area's grass, which means a battle is imminent.

How To Capture Cosmog

Cosmog Pokemon is reported to have evolved into Lunala or Solgaleo at a climactic period, and there is a chance for an actual Cosmog on each player's team in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Sun and Moon soundtrack is currently available on iTunes. The players can now enjoy the game's tropical theme for free by downloading the music as a digital album entitled, Pokemon Sun and Moon: Super Music Collection. Based on reports, the music of Pokemon Sun and Moon seems to be different from the sounds of the rest of the game series, although not bad, only with a different type of appeal.

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