Super Mario Run News, Update: 3 Reasons Why It Won't Beat Pokemon Go

Super Mario Run is launching soon, and many are interested if Nintendo's mobile game can beat Niantic's Pokemon Go. Considering the new survey conducted by Peanut Labs, which reveals that Pokemon Go is currently holding the highest benefits in terms of popularity, Super Mario Run is unlikely to beat Niantic's mobile game.

The study involving mobile games like Super Mario Run reportedly revealed chief performance indicators for some of the largest mobile games that aim to help other mobile game publishers, developers and marketers. The findings include the fact that there are only 52 percent among mobile gamers who know the concept of Super Mario Run, which is set to launch on Dec. 15.

Super Mario Run could also mean that Nintendo needs to address their advertising strategy. While Clash of Clans gets the highest re-engagement rate through push notifications, Mobile Strike gets the highest re-engagement through email notifications. Lastly, Madden NFL Football has more than 90 percent recommend intent, where the consumers say that they will recommend the game to their friends.

Meantime, the survey discovered that there are several ways to engage and retain players. Supercell's Clash of Clans uses push notifications, while on the other hand, Madden NFL  Football is reported to provide balanced gameplay experience and push notifications in order to receive top honors and even highest user recommendation. Moreover, Mobile Strike, the mid-core strategy game from MZ earns the highest monetization, play time, and lifetime value.

As for branded content, the study suggests that game developers may opt to test the consumers' price sensitivity, purchase intent and sentiment early and frequently. Meanwhile, Super Mario Maker on Wii U is expected to hit the 3DS on Dec. 2, while Yakuza 6 will be released on Dec. 8 in Japan. Another notable release this month include Stardew Valley, which is reported to come to Xbox One and PS4 on Dec. 13.  Watch Introduction to Super Mario Run

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