MacBook Air 2016 Vs MacBook Pro 2016: Which Is A Better Apple Laptop?

On October, Apple appeared to have confirmed that it would stop updating its MacBook Air line and instead would concentrate more on its MacBook Pro line. But despite that, the Air is still on sale, which means comparing the two is essential than it ever was.

Windows beating Apple laptops

With Windows laptops getting better consistently, notably, the Surface Book and Dell's XPS 13, Apple laptops have felt stagnant for a very long time. We've had the smaller 12-inch MacBook, but there are little else, and frankly, no one can survive with just one port. But regardless, what's new, and which is going to be right for you, will be decided when you look at what the MacBook Pro can give you.

The innovative Touch Bar

It has been heavily leaked in the run up towards the main event, but one of the quirkiest features that Apple showed off was the new touch-sensitive Retina strip that replaced the traditional function keys and sits just below the screen. Called as the Touch Bar, you can adjust the volume and brightness, and what's more is that it changes depending on what apps you're currently using. It looks fantastic, and it definitely frees up space on your display for other things.

Display Size and Design

Those waiting for the return of the 17-inch MacBook Pro should turn away because Apple's biggest laptop display still stands at 15-inches. The new MacBook Pro comes in two size variants: 13-inch and 15-inch just like before.

Price and Conclusion

Apple has all but eliminated any good reasons to buy the MacBook Air. It's running old technology, the screen isn't that great and the price hasn't dropped in recent memory. But if your budget will only go as far as the MacBook Air range, you definitely won't be able to afford any of the MacBook Pro models, which are currently priced at $1100. So with all things said, the Pro is much better than the Air, but its price is pretty hefty.

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