‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Season 8 Spoilers, News And Updates: Is Kensi Blye Back On Active Duty?

"NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 is on and episode 10 entitled "Sirens" showed that the team is making progress and was able to locate Natalie Grant. Meanwhile, Kensi is also improving in her physical therapy since the terrible helicopter crash she was involved in last season. Will she be getting back to work soon?

The Fans Saw Some Hopes

The thing that will give hope to Kensi's fans in "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 is that she was seen at the shooting range. But their hopes immediately banished when Hetty came in and said that Kensi is still unable to get her weak hand to shoot. Hetty then advised her to pursue her recovery in the proper way.

With this, fans will not likely see Kensi actively back on her job until the next few episodes of "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8. She needs additional time to recover before she can really point her gun correctly towards criminals once more. For this reason, there is a speculation coming from TV Line which says having a child with Deeks could be injected in the storyline soon.

What's The Status Of Miguel Ferrer?

Just before "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8 had its current run, there were rumors and speculations that one of the main characters of the show may have to exit. Some of the rumors were fanned by no less than LL Cool J who plays Sam Hanna on the show. Because of the recent developments in the show, fans were afraid that it might be Kensi or Owen Granger.

Now that Kensi is portrayed as making progress in her therapy, the rumors are now focused on Miguel Ferrer who plays Granger in "NCIS Los Angeles" season 8. With Kensi's continued recovery, Granger exiting the show is now gaining traction. It doesn't help that Ferrer's physical appearance appears to be as if he is really sick. Morning Ledger even speculated that he is not well and may even need a break from the show.

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