From MOBA To FPS: Beyond The Summit Introduces First Ever CS:GO Event

By K.C , Dec 08, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Beyond the Summit unveils its first ever CS:GO tournament which will mark the start of the studio's unique style of in-game stream/tournaments for the iconic FPS title. The CS:GO event will be held at one of the studio's game houses in Los Angels beginning at April 19-23 of next year. Today, we're going to reveal everything we know about the upcoming CS:GO event and how teams all over the world are selected.

Beyond The Summit: CS_Summit

For those of you that didn't know, Beyond the Summit started as an open tournament for Dota 2 which offered a unique style to both players and fans - removing audience altogether by hosting the event in one of the studio's game houses. The tournament is then live streamed for the audience to watch including events that happen inside and outside of the game.

BTS offers a unique experience for its audience as it takes them even closer to their beloved players, giving them insights about what's happening outside of the game especially after a win or a loss. Also, audience will see professional players casting other team's games which enable them to peak through a competitive players' mind and thoughts about in-game drafts, decisions, etc.

Overall, BTS is gaining a lot of attention and popularity and is now considered as a premier tournament in Dota 2. It started first between two casters, Godz and LD but has now grown into a premier tournament that offers hefty prize pool for every participating teams.

CS_Summit: Everything We Know So Far

On their official site, Beyond the Summit revealed that the current prize pool for the tournament is sitting about $100,000+. In Dota 2, tickets and other exclusive in-game merchandise will increase the tournament's prize pool but it's still unclear whether this will be the case for CS:GO. When it comes to the team selection, BTW revealed that there will be two selections for the event: direct and online qualifiers. Further details about the tournament is expected to be revealed in the following months.

Are you excited for the new CS_Summit? What do you like about BTS format? Share your opinion in the comments down below!

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