New CS:GO Game Mode Is Fun!

CS:GO has a lot of game modes which give new twists to its players aside from the usual standard competitive match. And today, a new mode is on the rise as it gives enticing new way to enjoy a deathmatch.

CS:GO New Game Mode: Last Man Standing

The new Last Man Standing game mode offers amazing new twist for the community. To give you a heads up, here's a brief details about the map: the game requires at least 6 or more players playing 2 warm up rounds first before proceeding into the next live rounds. During the warm up rounds, you must earn at least one kill before you are killed in order to move on to the next round. Once the winner is decided, the mode will initiate another warm up round to repeat the same process and then move on to the live rounds. After the live round is completed, a voting will commence to decide for the next map wherein the process starts all over again.

Minimum of 6 or more players
Map will entail 2 LMS cycle
Every new map, you will have 2 warm up rounds
At least one kill in order to advance
You will earn exclusive titles by accumulating wins (not kills)

Last Man Standing: Titles and Restrictions

After accumulating wins, you can obtain titles which you'll be notified via the game's plugin. Here's the full list of titles you can achieve in the mode:
10 - New Blood
50 - Unstoppable
100 - Ace
150 - Champion
250 - Predator
350 - Carnage
500 - Lone Survivor
1000 - Lone Wolf

There are several restricted weapons in the game mode. Here the full list:

You can check more information about the mode's official thread here. You can join the server by typing in the console: connect

Have you tried the new game mode? What is your first impression about Last Man Standing? Share your experience in the comments down below!

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