CS:GO News: The Status of SK Gaming Following The Departure of Fnx

The community was shaken after the sudden news of fnx's departure from SK Gaming. The release of the team's rifler is both surprising and devastating especially when SK Gaming is on the verge of taking the championship of ECS Season 2. On the wake following Fnx's departure, fans and colleagues have expressed their concern about the future of both Fnx and SK Gaming.

Fnx's departure from SK Gaming

The news about Lincoln "Fnx" Laus's departure first came as a rumor which was revealed by DeKay over a Twitter post. Several hours later, SK Gaming then confirmed about the departure of their core member which will be temporarily replaced by Fox as a stand-in for the ECS Finals. Many fans were saddened by the departure of Fnx but most of them were already expecting for the player's departure as the SK Gaming's former rifler has been having precarious plays in the past two tournaments.

Several hours after the news of SK Gaming broke out, Zeus, captain of Gambit Gaming has expressed his concern about the future of Fnx and SK Gaming. On his post, he stressed out that Fnx wasn't the main problem of the team and pointed out that the shaky plays stemmed after the team's decision of taking a whole month off from the competitive scene. Zeus emphasized the importance of consistent practice in order to keep the team from sustaining in a competitive caliber. He said: "while SK relaxed, other teams practiced a lot, and SK did a lot of work since that time, but the team still feels that one month of break and bad showings."

SK Gaming To Take Fox As A Stand-in

Concerns regarding SK Gaming and ECS Season 2 Finals consequently rose following Fnx's departure due to the fact that they will be facing Team EnVyUs and Team Dignitas, the unrelenting forces from EU. But it appears that the team has some hidden plans as they take Fox as a stand-in for the $750,000 event despite the latter's unorthodox playstyle. As the event nearing, the pressure is on for NA's tournament favorite to conquer the odds over their sudden reshuffle. It's interesting to see how the team will hold with their temporary new roster in one of the biggest events of CS:GO.

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