Arc The Lad and Wild Arms To Have A Reboot Project In Sony's Mobile Gaming

Ranking the best RPG games of all time, Wild Arms and Arc The Lad have been announced to enter Sony's mobile games. Sony revealed a new trailer for both games, making fans very excited for the old school RPG games reboot. Fans are expecting a lot of new features to the game. Wild arms will feature a new story, while Arc the Lad will enter the next chapter of the story.

What To Expect From The Wild Arms In Smartphones?

Fans of the classic RPG Wild Arms clearly knows what to expect. It will surely bring the action to the next level as the game enters Sony's smartphones. The Wild Arms' original developers are still going to do the job in the game's mobile reboot. Due to this, fans can expect a classical comeback of the game with much more features. Rumors suggest that the reboot of the game might not add features that everyone hates, such as the energy system where players need to wait in real time in order to gain energy.

Arc The Lad Will Continue The Series In Sony's Smartphones?

Arc The Lad's storyline will continue to the Sony's smartphones. Fans can expect a much better story, as the previous ending of the game was very satisfying. Also, new features will surely be added in the game. The original developers of the game will also return for this one, making sure that fans should not worry for a confusing storyline. The video trailers of both games, which can be seen below, are leaving fans in anticipation for the games.

There is no announcement yet for the release date of the reboots of Arc The Lad and Wild Arms


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