Final Fantasy XV Guide: Death Penalty; One-Hit Damage Pistol Location

By Hauntress , Dec 09, 2016 05:53 PM EST

Death Penalty is considered to be the strongest pistol in Final Fantasy XV that deals the most damage. Aside from insane stats - 462 Attack 25 Sprint and +2 Crit - a single hit has the power to kill instantly with instant death bullets. It's a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series and has been favored by players. Here's a guide on how to get Death Penalty in Final Fantasy XV.

How To Get Death Penalty In Final Fantasy XV

 The Death Penalty is located in Balouve Mines Secret Dungeon at Leide in Final Fantasy XV. Head inside and take the elevator to the floor B3F. There is a secret passage at the top of the stairs that you can squeeze through. The secret door is located near the royal tomb at the end of the dungeon.

To unlock Balouve Mines Secret Door in Final Fantasy XV, it's important to note that before you can unlock all vault doors, you need to finish the game and get the Dungeon Seal Key. Once you have it, you can open the vault door in Balouve Mines. Use the Dungeon Seal Key to unlock the door and head inside.

Go straight and navigate through to the final boss by choosing to go left in both the first and second choice. You will find Psychomancer at the end of the dungeon. Go ahead and defeat him then pick up Death Penalty from the floor.

How To Defeat Psychomancer In Final Fantasy XV

Psychomancer is a tough enemy to kill and it's important to note that easy mode automatically disables on Hard Dungeons and Mobhunts. So don't be surprised if you see a 'no carbuncle allowed' sign during your fight against main bosses. Psychomancer is at level 82 and the best way to defeat him is keep using Thunder Spells, they're quite effective against him. Psychomancer is also weak against greatswords so you can make Gladiolus and Noctis use them. And that's how you kill Psychomancer and get Death Penalty in Final Fantasy XV.

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