Final Fantasy XV Guide: Stealing The Past Secret Quest; Magitek Core Location; Drillbreaker Machinery Upgrade

By Hauntress , Dec 09, 2016 05:26 PM EST

Stealing the Past is a secret quest in Final Fantasy XV. To start the quest, you need to have finished the game and started Chapter 15 and obtained Regalia Type-F or the flying car. Once you've done those, here's a guide on how to start Stealing the Past in Final Fantasy XV.

Stealing the Past in Final Fantasy XV

To start the quest, you need to head over to Lestallum then overhear two former thieves talking about a large haul through a window. The window is located in the eastern part of the city just north of the Restaurant Tozus Counter and east of the Arms Vendor Culless Munitions. They'll hint at leaving a big haul they did in Ravatogh mountain area so you decide to head there. The only way to reach Ravatogh, however, in Final Fantasy XV is with Regalia Type-F or the flying car.

The quest is marked level 60 but you won't actually be doing any combat in the Stealing the Past quest in Final Fantasy XV. Land on the Ravatogh Mountains secret area marked on your map and head on over to Pitioss Ruins on foot since the rocky terrain will make it impossible to navigate with the Regalia. Landing can be challenging also since the rocks prevent you from landing in a straight line but there is a landing strip you can land on so you need to watch out for a bright yellow straight line on your map.

Once you reach Pitioss Ruins, climb the stairs, jump the ledge, and you will see the haul wedged against a corner to your right (you don't need to go inside the dungeon). If you acquire it, you'll actually see that it's a Magitek Core. It's actually an important upgrade material for the Drillbreaker machinery weapon in Final Fantasy XV and the main ingredient in the "A Better Drillbreaker Quest."

How To Get Regalia Type-F In Final Fantasy XV

To get the flying car Regalia Type-F, you need to have an item called Strange Engine from infiltrating Formouth Garrison at any point after Chapter 8. When you finish the game and start Chapter 15, ask Umbra to warp you back to Lucis so you can start the quest "Into Unknown Frontiers." Proceed to talk to Cindy at Hammerhead Garage and she'll make the Regalia Type-F for you. After getting the flying Regalia, you'll now be able to finish Stealing the Past in Final Fantasy XV.

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