‘Prison Break’ Season 5 Spoilers, And Updates: Release Date Announced; Michael Is Back But Now Works For The US Government?

Finally, the showrunners of "Prison Break" season 5 has confirmed its release date for next year. It will be early in the year that the fans of the show will be treated to the return of most of the original characters of the hit TV series. Most fans know, from the many spoilers that have been coming out online that Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) is alive and will reprise his role.

Michael Might Be Working For The U.S. Government

The rumors and speculations surrounding the death of Michael and resurrection seem to be related to the U.S. government. This begs the question: Is Michael in one way or another working with the government? These rumors about "Prison Break" season 5 suggest that his 'death' was just a ruse to prevent anyone from looking for him.

One theory that is being circulated online is that the U.S. government had Michael working for them in return for the possibility of erasing all his sins against. This may be plausible since based on records, he is already considered dead. Therefore, he has no other choice but to do the government's bidding in "Prison Break" season 5.

The Upcoming Season Will Answer All The Hanging Questions

The fact that Michael will be alive and back in "Prison Break" season 5 is confirmed by no less than Gary Newman, Fox Chairman, and CEO. "It's going to bring back both brothers, Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell," said Newman. The upcoming season will be somewhat like a sequel where it picks up from where last season left off, added Dana Walden, Co-chairman, and CEO of Fox.

The upcoming "Prison Break" season 5 will have a new story arc and Paul Scheuring, creator, and writer, know exactly how the story will go in the approximately 10 episodes that the show will be comprised of. The upcoming episodes will definitely answer all the hanging questions that were raised in the previous season. The premiere date of the first episode of the show will be aired in the spring of 2017

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