Dota 2 News: Team Faceless Eliminated From Boston Major Without Winning A Single Game

Considered as one of the new powerhouses of SEA Dota, Team Faceless was renowned for dominating the SEA region flawlessly, having an astonishing 100% winrate coming into the Boston Major Qualifiers. Many have had high hopes for the team considering that they've eliminated several prominent SEA teams despite having such an early run as a competitive team. Now, after the results of the Main Stage of the Boston Major, it seems that the supposed upsetter left the tournament upset.

Team Faceless Eliminated From Boston Major

Team Faceless had a stellar performance coming into the Boston Major as they had knocked all of the prominent SEA teams effortlessly without dropping a single game in all of its competitive matches. In just a short span of time, the team is already getting attention worldwide as they completely dominated the SEA region including the Qualifiers. Even its captain, iceiceice, didn't expect that their team would dominate the competitive scene so early. And coming into the group stages of the Major, the team had high hopes for their prowess in drafting and unique aggressive style of play.

During the start of the group stages, Team Faceless were seeded onto the Group C where they first fought against LGD where they lost 0 - 2. In the lower bracket, they faced one of the top contenders in the tournament, Evil Geniuses where the team also lost 0 - 2. Following their poor run, the team was determined to make a comeback in the Elimination round of the Main Stage where they fought against the TI6 finalist, Digital Chaos. In the first game, Team Faceless looks strong in the early phase of the game but several pick offs from here and there turned the tide of the battle completely favoring DC throughout the entire game. The second game was just a similar story but in this time, DC has been more aggressive in their picks and completely outplayed the Southeast Asian team.

The Future of Team Faceless

Following Team Faceless' debacle, iceiceice posted a simple message from Twitter which shows how humiliating their loss from Boston Major is.

 Team Faceless' lackluster performance came as a shock for many SEA fans considering that they viewed the team as one of the powerhouses of the region - eliminating tough contenders particularly Mineski, Execration, MvP Phoenix, and so on.

But with their tragic failure from the Boston Major, will Team Faceless recover from this setback or will this lead to the team's untimely disbandment? Check back for more Dota 2 News Updates!

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