How The 'Nintendo Switch' Will Revolutionize The Gaming Industry?

By Staff writer , Dec 12, 2016 02:11 AM EST

Nintendo recently gave the "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" show the first public demonstration of its next upcoming gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. Ever since its official reveal last October, fans have been hungry for more information about the said console, and last night's Jimmy Fallon show may have given a few more clues about it. These new features have been said to revolutionize the gaming industry.

Back view of the Nintendo Switch

First and foremost, we finally got a better back view of the Nintendo Switch. We already identified and pointed out the cooling vents, and Nintendo showed off the slot for the Game Card, as well as the 3.5mm audio jack on the right side of the device. We also got the chance to see the kickstand once again.

Back view of the Nintendo Switch

A particular area on the back of the console has also been believed to be intended for the power on/off, syncing controllers to the device, and also one of two Joy-Con release buttons. In the first Switch reveal video, many have speculated that the process of sliding the Joy-Cons on and off the device will involve utilizing a release button on the back. Here, we can finally see it on the back, located underneath the (presumed ZL) trigger.

Other features showcased in new video

The latest reveal video has also showcased a new feature on the Switch that we haven't noticed on the first video: USB-C ports. USB-C would be functioning as an elegant solution to charge the system, as well as outputting a video signal that is then converted to HDMI-out to your TV. Keep in mind that there is no visible port for a stylus, which makes a lot of sense since the screen itself is already rumored to be using a multi-touch technology. This will definitely revolutionize the gaming industry.

Watch out for more Switch coverage

You can watch Jimmy Fallon's Switch demonstration in the video below. The show starts at around 4:55. This would give you further impressions on what you think about the Switch as a whole now. You can also tune in on January 12, 2017, for an extensive coverage of the Nintendo Switch presentation on IGN.

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