‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers, News And Updates: Savitar Reveals Future Tragic Events In Barry’s Life; Story Focuses on West Family

Episode 9 of "The Flash" season 3 revealed some of Barry's future that matches what Savitar prophesied. The villain issued a warning to Barry that a friend will betray him, another will be faced with a fate that could be "worse than death," and a close friend will die. This episode was that show's midseason finale.

Barry Saw Three Events In The Future That Will Have Profound Major Effects

That last episode of "The Flash" season 3 showed how Barry accidentally traveled a few months into the future. While in that future, Barry could have seen the death of Iris, with Savitar about to stab her on the back. It seems the future self of Barry will try to save Iris from Savitar, but his efforts may be too late.

The death of Iris will signify the fulfillment of Savitar's prophecies about her. A rumor posted on Comic Book suggested that in future episodes of "The Flash" season 3, Wally will be the one who will betray Barry, and Joe will be forced to live a life without her daughter which is more than he can bear. Joe will also have to deal with the results of Wally's actions.

What Fans Can Expect In The Upcoming Episodes

There are also some speculations about the worsening relationship with Barry and Wally. It can be recalled that Barry gave instructions to Wally that the latter didn't follow. Even if Wally helped Barry solve a problem, his disobedience did not sit well with Barry. It remains a mystery what will happen to their relationship in the upcoming episodes of "The Flash" season 3.

When Will The Show Return?

Fans will miss the show for just a short time because it will be on its midseason break. But "The Flash" season 3 will come back on Jan. 24, 2017. There are no further details about the show's episode 10, but fans will only have a few weeks to wait. Meanwhile, fans can watch the video below showing Barry unmasking Dr. Alchemy.

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