Dota 2 News: Mix Reactions On Monkey King And Patch 7.00 Talent System

Dota 2 Patch 7.00 is now officially released! People are starting to adapt onto the new "world" of Dota 2 as the new version brings entirely new content for everyone especially upon the introduction of Monkey King, the Talent System and the massive overhaul of the entire map. After several hours of gameplay, players and professional players alike have mix criticisms about the new patch.

Dota 2 New Hero: Monkey King

One of the iconic Dota 2 streamer and former professional player, SingSing has demonstrated how overpowered the new hero can be especially near the jungle. In this video, you can clearly see how Monkey King can be both dominant in the early phase and mid-late game phase by creating confusion and diversion during team fights.

The stun of Monkey King has a ridiculous range which is basically an Earthshaker's fissure but with faster cast time. His "juke" ability creates confusion all around the map as the hero can basically blend and camouflage with virtually anything around him - although the hero cannot turn into the current team's courier. You'll basically turn into the basic donkey but we're expecting it to be patched soon by Valve. Nonetheless, the hero proved to be severely overpowered in the current meta especially in pub games!

 Talent System

Now this is where things get a lot interesting. From a competitive player's stand-point, the new Talent System brings a myriad of possibility and opportunity to play your hero. Although you can go for either full DPS-path or a more tank/support oriented build, some heroes including Lycan can go for a more hybrid build where they can opt for more wolves once they hit max level. We've made a full guide about all the skill-changing Talents which have significant impact in the game.

Now, it's safe to say that people are reluctant for change. Despite being the only permanent thing or event in the world, people find it hard to embrace evolution and tend to dwell on their comfort zone. It can be seen from various reactions from any gaming community upon a significant patch or update not only in Dota but even in other prominent titles such as LoL and WoW.

In Dota 2, however, a lot of people from Reddit are already complaining about the new Talent System and how the game already resembles of that of League of Legends - but this isn't entirely true as both Talent Systems have huge disparity between them and it's important to note that the Talent System in Dota is more simplified.

Although there are a lot of people complaining about the change, there are also a lot of people from the community, including the professional players, which hailed and complimented the evolution of the game dubbed "Dota 3."

But just like evolution, we're barely on the tip of the iceberg and we're still on the process of exploring the vast new lands. The full context of 7.00 and all of its potentials are yet to be discovered and so the only thing we can do as of the moment is to explore and enjoy the game as much as we can.

What do you think of the new version of Dota 2? Do you find it exciting or are you discouraged by the new change? Are you enjoying or are you quitting? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

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