Dead Rising 4 Guide: Key Locations Of Safe Rooms And Lockers In Willamette Memorial Megaplex

Dead Rising 4 Guide: Key Locations Of Safe Rooms And Lockers In Old Town
Lockers and bunkers hide blueprints and other cool stuff you can use in Dead Rising 4. However, you need the keys to them first. Photo : Massive Trigger/YouTube

In Dead Rising 4, you need keys to access the numerous lockers and safe rooms scattered in the map. They hold cool rare items, blueprints and other stuff that can prove to be useful in your quest to survival. When you get ahold of a locker key, the location of the locker will appear on your map. If you get a Zom-B safe key, a blue circle to mark the location will appear. Go there and use the Spectrum Analyzer to find the hidden bunker. Here's a list of all key locations in Willamette Memorial Megaplex.

Dead Rising 4 Locker Keys In Willamette Memorial Megaplex

El Mode Design: In the Virago Hotel in Amazon Food Court, look behind the front counter. The key is inside the security office.

Froztee's: Still in Amazon Food Court, there's a platform with a circular bar. You will find the key there.

Pirate's Catch Restaurant: Head to the southern wall of the Carribean Cove. Climb up the stairs on the second floor to find the key on a dead body.

Baron Von Brathaus: In Medieval Town, head to Burger Fiefdom. Inspect the floor underneath the table in the center. The key should be there.

Obscuris: Case 1 will take you to the Megaplex Central Plaza. Head inside the military camp tent just out front of the main entrance. The key is in the back-left tent as you go out from the Central Plaza.

Security Keycard: Outside Central Plaza, go into the Quarantine Zone. Enter the investigation area in which you will find corpses impaled in a statue. There's a room to the right; enter it and find the key on the desk filled with photos.

Dead Rising 4 Zom-B Safe Keys In Willamette Memorial Megaplex

Virago: In the Amazon Food Court, head to the women's restroom near the Virago Hotel front entrance. The Zom-B safe key should be in there.

Charms of Desire: Near the West of Carribean Cove, on the first floor, look for Albert's Apparel. The key is right outside the shop.

Cruz Tanning: Look for the Pirate's Catch Resturant. Inspect lounge chairs next to it. They key should be on the floor.

Synthetic Cosmetics: In the Miami Boardwalk area, head to the back of Rhiannon Ferosh. The key should be in a corner.

North Pole Town: In Central Plaza, head to the North Pole village. You will find the key on Santa's big chair.

Komodo: In Kiichiro Plaza, head to the back of Kuan's Bubble Tea. Enter the Employee's Only hallway to find yourself in the kitchen where the key lies.

Max Dymond: Look for Popper's Toy Shop. There should be a men's bathroom nearby. They key is inside the open stall.

Manskape Stylists: In Medieval Village, go to Baron Von Brathaus. Climb up the awning near the shop's stairs to get yourself on the second floor of the Burger Feifdom. The key is on the roof.

B. Reddy Insurance: Find the elevators in Central Plaza. They key is beside the fountain nearby.

White Rook: In Case 1, you will be taken to a room where you will investigate where Vick could be. It's the room in the Emergency Shelter where the Locations vendor is. The key is in this room.

Class Jack's Antiques: Enter the maintenance hallway next to Central Plaza's doors. The key is found through the Employees Only doors that are next to the North Pole Town Square Workshop.

Did we miss any key in Willamette Memorial Megaplex? Tell us what cool stuff you found in the lockers and safe rooms mentioned above! Meanwhile, here's a Dead Rising 4 guide to locating Melee and Ranged Combo Weapons blueprints.

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