5 Reasons Why Patch 7.00 Is The Best Patch In Dota 2

By K.C , Dec 14, 2016 04:30 AM EST

Dota 2 patch 7.00 has finally arrived and the fans had never seen such a major change since the inception of the game. The community has mixed reactions regarding the various changes including the UI, the overhaul of the map, Talent System and whatnot. And today, we're going to list the 5 reasons why patch 7.00 is the best patch in Dota, yet.


One of the improvements in the current patch is the addition of four bounty runes all around the map. This enables supports to have more resources which is crucial during the early and mid stages of the game. The increased Gold gives leeway for supports to roam more frequently around the map as well as keep the warding/dewarding more frequently. The increased number of neutral camps also entails more farm and experience among each players which makes the game even more dynamic.

Game Pace

With the improvement of the available resources in the map, players are encouraged to be more active in ganks and team fights rather than the traditional grinding. Also, with the addition of the Shrines, it's a lot easier to be present in crucial situations especially upon smoke ganks and/or getting necessary heals before a decisive team fight. To add it all up, patch 7.00 is more active and fast-paced than the previous versions which makes it ideal in a competitive point-of-view.

Change in Root Mechanic

Patch 7.00 has seen a breakthrough change in game mechanics particularly in the application of root disables. In the current version, roots now disable numerous movement spells including Ball Lightning, Leap, Waveform, Pounce, etc. If you're a support, you can now effectively shut down most mobile heroes particularly Storm Spirit and Slark by simply applying root effects such as Rod of Atos.


In patch 7.00, experience growth has been tweaked which enables players to level up quicker. Upon the addition of the Talent System, it's definitely imperative to reach max exp as soon as possible - making levels a lot valuable than it is before. With the buff of Tomes and the addition of new neutral camps, leveling is no longer an issue in the game. It just boils down on how effective you are during team fights!

Shrines and Bounty Runes

As implied awhile ago, the pace of the game is more dynamic in the current patch and another factor that affects that is because of the addition of the Shrines and bounty runes. Now, jungling and roaming supports are deadlier than ever as they have access to more sustainability. If one support gets a bottle, both of them can effectively use the bounty runes to refill their HP and MP and continue harassing the lanes of the opposing team. The shrines also helped a lot in keeping the lane secure as the cores and supports can utilize these structures as an alternative fountain.

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