Overwatch Devs Made Reference to Genji’s “Death”

By K.C , Dec 15, 2016 04:20 AM EST

We all know that one ninja that wreaks havoc in most team fights - yes that swift and agile swordsman that can be very slippery at the hands of a cunning player. But with the recent patch updates, Genji seemed to have been out from the spotlight particularly in compositions where triple tanks are present. Moreover, the buff on Symmetra and the fix on Genji's bug where he deals double damage on shielded targets had made the hero feel "weaker" than he was before.

So the real question is, is Genji dead? Well, most of you may not totally agree but the devs had already made an interesting pun - and very much intricate for that matter, regarding on Genji's "death."

Overwatch Christmas Event: Genji's New Spray

Overwatch: Winter Wonderland is finally live and it offers a whole lot of contents including the new skins, emotes, etc. Aside from that, heroes also got new sprays including Genji which now has two new sprays.

Now, you may be wondering "where's the pun?" Well, a Reddit post shows how the two sprays is a reference to the hero's death. First is the spray where Genji wears a kimono. For those of you that didn't know, in Japanese culture, a dead person wears his kimono right over left during a funeral.

The second one is the kadomatsu, a Japanese decoration intended to be used for funeral rituals and graves. Fan fact: It can be noted that in one of the scenes of Detective Conan, it is implied that once a person sends a kadomatsu to another one, it meant that he or she is planning to kill the other.

You can also see a sparrow on the kadomatsu spray which is also a direct reference to Sparrow Genji, the skin that shows the only known figure of Genji before his "death" from his older brother, Hanzo. To sum it up, Overwatch devs made an interesting pun on Genji's "death" on the current meta - the nerd way.

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