Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Capture Shieldon, Evolve Bastiodon

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Pokemon Sun and Moon are the newest titles in the ever-popular Pokemon series. Developed and published by Nintendo, the new games introduced a truckload of monsters. This one here makes the games a little bit more interesting for players. (After all, Niantic's Pokemon GO fails to do so). Among the popular creatures in the games are the Fossil Pokemon. In this guide, you'll learn how and where to capture Shieldon and evolve it easily to Bastiodon.

Where To Acquire The So-Called Shieldon Fossil?

In the previous Pokemon games, players need to go through a couple of dark dungeons in order to find and obtain a fossil. Fortunately for Pokemon Sun and Moon fans, this complicated process isn't a thing anymore. That's because obtaining one is as simple as purchasing it directly from the store.

The idea here is that players just need to go along with the titles' storyline. After which, they simply have to wait until they finally fain access to the beautiful Konikoni City. This place here is of significance when it comes to acquiring the Shieldon Fossil. Note that in within the city, a certain stone shop can be found. There, an old lady is selling all sorts of stones -- be it special or not.

Now, to the main point, the aforementioned woman will inform the players that only a single stone can be bought. But don't be fooled -- she actually means one fossil stone in every variant. Just be aware that the each game (Sun or Moon), the process of doing so varies greatly. For Pokemon Sun players, it means purchasing the Skull Cover Fossile. Pokemon Moon players, on the other hand, will have to buy the Plume and Armor Fossil.

To acquire Sheldon, Pokemon Moon players will have to own the Armor Fossil. For players in the Sun version, it's a bit easy. They simply need to make a trade of the said fossil from players who are in the other version (Moon). It's safe to say that it won't really eat a good amount of time.

Turning The Fossil Into Shieldon

Here comes the tricky part in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Most players believe that turning the Fossil into a Shieldon is quite rigorous. Well, it's actually not. All they have to do is go straight to Route 8. When there, find the forest. This can be reached just by going straight from the aforesaid route. There, a guy (who is in a van) will appear in the area. He will then offer players the chance to revive the fossil to any type of Pokemon. He might not appear as a guy who can be trusted, but don't fret -- he knows exactly what to do. From there, all that is left to do is to level up Shieldon. And by doing so, after quite some time, it'll evolve into Bastiodon.

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