Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Where To Locate The 8 Eevee Trainers

Pokemon Sun And Moon Guide: Where To Locate The 8 Eevee Trainers
To acquire Eevee's evolution in Pokemon Sun and Moon, players have to pay the 8 evolution trainers a visit. Photo : shofu/YouTube

Like any other Pokemon games, Eevee is still a popular choice in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Well, this is thanks to the various evolutions this creature offers. It just simply catches the attention of most players. In Nintendo's titles, there are a total of 8 evolutions. But remember, you have to face 8 trainers as well in order to acquire or learn them. Well, this is exactly what this guide is all about. They're listed below, so don't forget them bring them with you.

One of the popular side quests offered in the aforementioned games is the quest to defeat the Eevee evolution trainers. There are a total of 8, and completing each of them will reward you with the so-called Eevium Z crystal. (To check the full list of Z Crystals and their respective steps to obtaining them, check out this guide).

What Is Eevium Z?

Before we get in to the main gist, let's first talk about Eevium Z and what it is in Pokemon Sun and Moon. In its most organic form, it's used to change Eevee's Last Resort into its various once-per-battle Z moves. In the games, this is by far the toughest crystal to acquire. Heck, even the process of finding the 8 said trainers is already a hassle. Nevertheless, acquiring them results to worthy rewards. Without further ado, below are the 8 Eevee trainers and how to find each of them.

The Vaporeon Trainer

You just need to go straight to the Melemele Island, particularly on the Trainer School. Here, you'll find a woman (the only female in the third floor). She's located near the right of the stairs. You'll know exactly what to do next.

The Umbreon Trainer

To get to this one in Pokemon Sun and Moon, head straight to Melemele Island's Hau'oli Cemetery. The old man who's standing in the top right corner of the graveyard is the one you want to talk. Don't fret -- he isn't that creepy really.

The Glaceon Trainer

One of the 8 Eevee evolution trainers, he can be located in the Iki Town in the same island mentioned above. Go to the west part of the town and you'll find there a certain house that's built on a raised platform of sort. You need to talk to another old character, though. But this time, it's going to be that lady located in the kitchen.

The Flareon Trainer

This Pokemon Sun and Moon trainer is located in the Tide Song hotel in the Akla Island. And again, another old character -- a man -- will be the one you'd want to talk to. He's located near the jumpsuit, which can be found in the place's back area.

The Leafeon Trainer

Also in Akala Island (but in Hanu Beach), there's a woman you need to have a conversation with. She's wearing a bikini, and is located in the upper corner of the beach. You should see her standing with an umbrella shading her from the sun's rays.

The Jolteon Trainer

The one you'll be talking to her is an old woman. She's located on the right part side of the Malie Community Center in Ula'ula Island. You should see her watching a TV in the community center.

The Espeon Trainer

Just go straight to the Geothermal Plant Power, which is located in the Ula'ula Island in Pokemon Sun and Moon. If you go inside the visitor area, there's an old man happily seating the in the front row. He's the trainer you must talk to. He can be located near a TV next to a row of chairs.

The Sylveon Trainer

Located in the Seafolk Village in Poni Island, this trainer a young child. But make no mistake, he's your guy. He can be seen standing next a corner of Steelix houseboat.

What are your thoughts on this Pokemon Sun and Moon guide? Have you found all the 8 Eevee evolution trainers already? If so, how was the experience getting to them? Let us know what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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