Pokemon Sun And Moon Players To Finally Walk Alongside Their Pokemon Soon

Since the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, many are wondering what sort of features Niantic will offer in the long run. Not because the games lack these, but it's simply more about anticipating the excitement the titles can further give. Well, it seems a highly anticipated feature is about to be unleashed. And believe it or not, players might finally be able to walk alongside their Pokemon.

According to Polygon, dataminers were able to acquire a specific code that refers to a possible feature cut of the games. Apparently, animations on both running and walking have been found. These have been well-hidden (not today, though) within the game files. Apart from that, the code also depicts fully rendered models hitting social media sites in-action.

Thanks to a YouTuber named SleepingJirachi (video embedded below), the appearance of the aforementioned models in the datamined Pokemon Sun and Moon code has been unveiled. The models, in particular, rotate between the act of running and walking. Obviously, this could mean one thing: Pokemon will have the capability of following their masters/trainers wherever in the titles.

The footage features various Pokemon -- of all generations -- moving at multiple speeds. Fortunately, these files were shared to social media sites like Reddit and Twitter. Heck, it even made its way to 4chan. And for those who want to download it, go here.

It's worth noting that such feature - albeit quite different - can be likened to Pokemon GO's Buddy System. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, though, it's more of accompanying the trainers throughout their journeys -- from completing quests to fulfilling trials. Regardless, it's definitely a feature worth having in Nintendo's latest entries to the popular franchise.

It's worth noting that since the release of the two games, players have yet to experience walking or running distances together with their Pokemon. So obviously, it's something that they're likely to fall in love in a short period of time. The studio, however, has yet to confirm its existence.

What are your thoughts on Pokemon Sun and Moon? How about the supposed feature pertaining to Pokemon running or walking alongside their trainers? Be sure to share us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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