5 Steps To Catching Elusive Monsters In Pokemon Sun And Moon

Just like in any other Pokemon games, there are also rare creatures in Pokemon Sun and Moon. And as their names suggest, they aren't that easy to capture. Because really, players will definitely have a hard time capturing them. Nonetheless, there are ways to own them. This guide will specifically help you to do just that. Read on, trainer!

Step 1

In Nintendo's title, know that you can use QR codes to acquire elusive creatures. However, you need to unlock this feature first. You can do this in the games' menu where the option to do so can be done. Be patient, though it won't really take much of your time. Grab a soda and popcorn if you want.

Step 2

Once the aforementioned is done in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it's time to do some scanning. All you have to do is scan at least 10 Pokemon QR codes, so as to acquire the skill called Island Scan. Note that you're only allowed with such amount a day. So, as much as possible, maximize it all you want. Remember also that each specie in the games has a very unique QR code, and yes, this also includes the titular shiny monsters. For instance, a Pidgey will offer a different code from a Shiny Pidgey.

Step 3

To locate a rare Pokemon in the games, use the above mentioned skill called Island Scan. Do this on the Pokemon that is rarely seen or captured in the Alola region. The list includes the likes of Bulbasaur, Charander and Squirtle, among others.

Step 4

Once you're able to find the whereabouts of these Pokemon Sun and Moon monsters, go straight to their locations. But remember -- and always keep this in mind -- you're only given one hour to do this. Go further than that and those creatures will be gone. Moreover, you'll only come across them once. If it either runs away or you, unfortunately, defeat it (kill), you have to do the process all over again the next day.

Step 5

The idea here is to keep repeating the process over and over again. But remember, you're only allowed 10 Pokemon QR codes to scan. You need to have lots of patience. And maybe, if you're lucky, you'll get the rarest set of Pokemon. Good luck!

What are your thoughts on the steps of acquiring elusive monsters Pokemon Sun and Moon? Have you tried the process already? If so, what Pokemon were you able to own? Share to us your experience at the comment section below!

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